Watering indoor succulents was my bad experience. How about you, mamas?

My first indoor succulent plant was Anacampseros Rarufescens. It had dark green leaves, while you can find a deep purple color underside of the leaves. The leaves have thin white hairs that can be seen growing around the plant.

It grew well in my outdoor garden for about half a year. Eventually, I decided to bring it indoors for my home office decorations.

A thin white hair with dark green leaves succulent besides my laptop, don’t you think that it’s cool?

I brought it indoors without any amendment of soil and pot. It still sat in a plastic pot with outdoor succulent soil. The outdoor succulent soil which I mixed was more moisture.

I watered them as usual, I meant one a week.

After a few months, the succulent plant seemed tall and its leaves become softened.

During that time, I was very busy preparing my daughter for middle school and New Year.

I have been ignoring the plant for about 2 months.

God, this plant has grown taller than before.

Therefore, I decided to save it immediately. From then on, I realized that overwatering is a big mistake I made for this plant.

After replanting this succulent, I used these 5 techniques to overcome the rotten root. Follow these 5 tips, overwatering problem won’t appear in your succulent.

When Should I Water My Succulent

I love watering my plants. I watered my succulent when I felt they need water, so I watered them every 3 days or might be 5 days once. These were the reasons why I can’t become a green thumb.

Luckily my first indoor succulent can survive in moist soil. When I realized that it had grown taller. The roots are rotting. In order to save this succulent plant, I have to propagate it with cutting.

From this terrible experience, I changed my watering habit.

Water succulent when the soil is completely dry out.

This is the information I have learned, but do I know when to water the best? How do I know when the soil has completely dried up?

Some of the succulent parents suggested using fingers. This might be a good idea, but it is not for me. It makes my pot look a mess.

At last, I found the best way to check my soil.
I check the soil with a secret weapon. It is easy to use, and it won’t stain my fingers.

Dengdeng, this is my secret weapon.

My secret tool to check the soil
Check the moisture of the soil
The stick still sticks with soil it means the soil is wet.
The wood stick is clean means the soil is completely dried out.

How To Water My Indoor Succulent

I shared two types of watering methods here and will explain to you why I chose the more effective way to water my succulent.

Soak and dry

This method can be applied to all kinds of succulent arrangements as long as there is space for you to pour water.

Pour the water on the root or soil instead of leaves. The general rule of thumb is to continue watering until the water starts coming out from the bottom of the pot. This way of deep watering will promote the healthy growth of the root system.

Bottom watering Method

This is another way for watering succulents.

Put your pot on a plate full of water for about 5 to 20 minutes. How long it takes depends on the size of the pot.

Which method is most suitable for your plant?
As far as I am concerned, I strongly recommend soaking and drying.


Let me explain here:

We use 30% to 40% of the potting soil and it plays an important role in absorbing the water.

When we pour the water into the roots or soil, the water runs through quickly and the potting soil can only absorb 30 to 40% of the water you are pouring.

But if you put the pot on a plate of water, the soil keeps absorbing the water until you take it away. In this situation, the soil properly will absorb 70 to 90% of the water.

Succulents are desert plants and they do not like to sit in wet for a long time.

I think you already have the answer.

Although watering from the bottom is not a good way to water your succulent plants, you can use it sometimes when the arrangement of succulent plants is too crowded. Remember not to let the pot sit on the water for too long.

How Often Should I Watering My Succulent

There is no correct answer to this question. How to water your succulents depends on these five factors.

Please consider these when you plan to water your indoor succulent plants.

  • The hotter, the more often you water.
  • The dries your environment, the more often you water.
  • The more succulents, the more often you water.
  • The smaller pot, the more often you water.
  • The more humid, the less often you water.
  • The more fog, the less often you water
  • In the winter, the less often you water.

You can figure out your watering schedule for spring and fall by yourself.

During these two seasons, after watering the plants for 8 days, use my secret weapon to monitor the soil of the succulent plants in your room.

If the soil is still wet, wait another two days, and then check it.
When you find that the soil is completely dry, water the plants.

Try a few times, you’ll know when is the best time for watering the succulent.

Reduce the frequency of watering when winter comes. Just water them when the soil is completely dry out.

The Best Time To Water Indoors Succulents

You can’t water your succulents when you are free, mamas?

Stoma of succulent plants close during the day and open at night. Watering them during the daytime is not a good idea because they can’t absorb the water well. In the hot summer, this situation will get worse.

If you water your succulent plant at such a high temperature, it will create a small sunlight room in the succulent jar.

This plant hates the wet and hot environment. They will kill under such circumstances.

Succulents have their fixed schedule for watering. Morning and evening are the best time to water juicy food.

Rule of Thumb For Watering Your Succulent Plants

Here are some rules of thumb for you to refer to:

  1. Water the succulent with a squeeze bottle or the water can with a long and narrow gooseneck style spout. Spraying succulents are not encouraged. This only leaves propagating succulent.
  2. Don’t water the leaves or on top of the leaves. The water on top of the leaves will make the leaves rotted.
  3. Don’t water in the hot afternoon. The best time to water succulent plants is in the morning or later in the evening.
  4. Don’t water the succulent plants when wet or rainy. When the temperature is very high, stop watering.

If you accidentally pour the water on top of the leaves, use the tissue to absorb the water immediately.

Can you see the water on top of the leaves?
Use the tissue absort the water

There you go

It’s easier for you to take care of your indoor succulent plants by planting succulent plants in gravel soil. After watering your succulent plants, you can turn on the fan or open the window to improve the air circulation in your house.

Let me know how you water the plant in the house. Do you have any tricks to share, please share in the command?

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