Planting succulents may be your dream. Why not begin your journey now?

I fully understand that when you hear so many horror stories from friends that kill everything they grow, it is terrible to buy succulents.

For me, I found that succulents are quite tricky to keep alive. But when I learned the basics for how to take care of them in order to keep them alive, they can be low maintenance plants for me.


You can make your succulents alive.

Read further to find out more.

Most of the new starters kill everything they touch because they do not have the right tools.

In order to keep your succulent alive, you need to have some right tools. Here let me walk you through how to start.

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Gardening Tools

Tool #1: Choose the Right Soil

First of all, you need suitable soil to cultivate your succulent plants. As a beginner, you can get ready-made soil for a succulent that can dry out quickly so that roots won’t rot.

So, what should you be looking for in succulent soil?

The right soil for succulents is the soil that can hold enough water for them to absorb what they need. Succulent absorbs water from the air around them.

The soil needs to be dried out quickly as fast as possible so the root won’t sit in the wet soil.

This is the secret tip that will let your succulents thrive in your garden.

If you buy a starter kit for succulent, you must check the soil once you bring them home.

If the soil is not well-drained, change it.

Tool #2: Right Pottery

The right pottery will make your succulent growing experience much easier.

What kind of potty you’ll need for your succulents?

Draining or non-draining?

A potty with a draining hole in the base is great for succulents that can’t stand well in the wet.

You may need to choose the proper size for your succulent plants.

If your flowerpot is too big, the soil will dry slowly, and the plant may not get enough nutrition.

Therefore, the succulent plants are very easy to rotting roots.

If the pot is too small, it will stunt your succulent growth.

Ideally, using a flowerpot one size larger than existing flowerpots will make the plant grow healthily.

There are two popular materials for pot, including terracotta and plastic.

Terra cotta is much heavier, costing more and more beautiful patterns. It works well for succulents and cactus.

You can choose plastic pots which are lightweight, inexpensive, and colorful. They retain more water than terra cotta pots. Therefore, more attention should be paid when watering your succulents.

Tool #3: Gardening Succulent Tools Set

Gardening tools for your succulent garden

If you are new here and don’t know what tools to buy, a set of tools is a good starting point.

A mindset of gardening tools will fit your job.

What tools do you need to develop your hobby?

You may have some basic gardening tools like pruner, trowel, gloves, dust blower, drip bottle, cleaning brush.

Amazon has a great starter kit, which contains all the tools you could need.

With the succulent gardening tools, you are capable of planting your succulent more easily.

Here are some succulent gardening tools for you.

Tool #4: Grow light

Should I need a grow light for my succulent?

Not necessarily.

If you have a window that can provide bright light all day for your succulent to keep surviving over the winter,

But, if none of your windows can provide enough light, you may need to have a grow light.

Most of the succulent lovers used grow-light during winter because without enough sunlight, the succulents will have etiolation and fading color issues.

However, you can use grow light for your succulent’s “true colors” appear after “sun-stress” or “sunblush” too.

Give this grow light a try.

Tool #5: Shade Cloth

7 Essential Tools that need for your succulent garden

Where do you grow succulent plants? Outside?

If your answer is “yes.

You need a shade cloth for your succulent during summer.

Shade cloth?

Why do succulents need shade cloth? Their native is hot and warm.

Yes, succulent like sunlight but not direct sunlight. Too much sunlight will let them sunburn.

Shade cloth will protect your succulent from the harsh.

You can use this shade cloth during winter to protect your hardy succulents from the frost that plants outdoors too.

There are two types of shade cloth in the market.

A) knitted shade cloth
B) woven shade cloth

Knitted is a great choice for succulent lovers because of its life expectancy, functionalities, and easy installation.
Usually, 40/-60% can reduce 13-23 degrees temperature that works well for you succulently.

If your living area is hot, don’t forget to choose the right shade cloth for your succulents.

Tool #6: Watering Can

For succulents, the best way should be watered at the base under the leaves.

A watering can with a long and narrow gooseneck style spout is easy to make control your water flow smooth and precise.

I use a sports squeeze water bottle because it is cheap and easy for me to control my water flow for my mini succulent garden.

Which water can suit you more depends on where you plant your succulents.

If you have a succulent garden, you may need a watering can that makes it easier to control your water flow. But if you like planting succulents in the mini pot, squeeze water bottle more suitable.

Tool #7: Gardening Soil Meter

Do you know when the soil will be completely dry?

Do you know what your sunlight level is for your succulent?

Gardening soil meter is perfect for testing soil moisture, pH value, and sunlight level of the succulent.

The tool has 3-in-1 function and is suitable for potted plants and garden soil.

You only need to insert the sensor probe into the soil about 4 inches deep without any batteries to provide accurate and reliable information.

Easy to use. That’s it.

With this tool, you don’t have to worry about the watering.


Most of the succulent lovers are using the following tools to grow their plants.

You probably are, too.

If you aren’t. You may choose some that you need for your gardening hobby.

Need to protect your succulent from the heat? Try shader cloth. Want to monitor your soil? Check out soil meters.

Whether you’re just starting out in this hobby or not, these resources are essential for taking your succulent dream to the next level.

Which tools do you have the most favorite with?

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