Are you new to growing succulent plants?

Pachyveria Glauca (Little Jewel) is the succulents that are easy-to-care for beginner.

Pachveria Glauca (Little Jewel) Care and Propagate Tips
Pachyveria Glauca

Pachyveria glauca (little jewel) has more beautiful and colorful characteristics than other succulent plants. It is easy to take care of because it can endure all kinds of growing conditions.

The star-shaped leaves are arranged to form a spiked rosette resembling a jewel. The leaves are dusky powdery blue with reddish tints at the tips and some violet.

The most striking of the leaves are numerous whitish lines that cause an optical effect where it will appear to have numerous flat and rounded regions that give the impression of angle formations.

All these lines that appear on the leaves make them look like a little diamond.

Pachyveria glauca(little jewel)can produce flower in late spring. The flowers are pinkish on the outside and peach color inside.

Pachyveria glauca(little jewel) Care

This beautiful succulent can survive in a warm climate such as zone 9 a-11. If you live in zone 9 a-11 b, you can plant them in your garden and let them enjoy the sunlight for 6 hours a day.

When the temperature is higher than 35°C, shade is needed to avoid from the sunburn.

If you live in a cold region, it is good to plant them in a container. Your lovely Pachyveria glauca (little jewel) is not a cold hardy succulent and they are not tolerated in cold temperatures. 

Move them indoors before the first frost comes. When the temperatures below 5°C, it is susceptible to rotting the roots and stem. Provides this plant as much light as possible when bringing indoors.


Pachyveria glauca (little jewel) prefers full sunlight. They are not suitable to grow indoor. They thrive well under the sunlight. 

Although they prefer sunlight, but you still need to watch out for the heat during summer. In order to avoid sunburn, you can shade them or prepare a shade cover for your lovely plant.

If you can’t grow them in your garden, plant them in a well-drained container. Place them near the window where can provide sunlight for them to grow healthy. Window facing the east or south is a goot spot for this succulent.

From spring to autumn, you can take them out every day to enjoy the sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.

Keep in mind that bring them indoors when the winter is coming. You can use grow light to provide them as much light as possible during the cold and dark winter season.

Little Jewel Succulent Watering

How to Water little jewel

Pachyveria glauca (little jewel) needs typical watering as other succulent. When you take good care of them, it can be quite beautiful.

Water them when the soil is completely dry out. Be sure your Pachyveria glauca(little jewel) no sit on the water to avoid root rot.

There are few watering methods for succulent. In this article, I’ll share one of these methods.

Give your lovely succulent a soaking of water rather than giving them sips of water here and there. Let the water run out the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.

Empty the water that runs into the saucer beneath the plant pot. When the soil is completely dry, water your succulent plants again.

This is the best watering strategy, called soak and dry.

As a beginners, we always ask when is the best time to water, or how often to water them?

When I started planting succulent plants, I had four pots of succulent plants. Three were bought from the store, and one was the leaf I picked from the roadside.

 I took good care of the 3 pots I bought from the store. I have been watering them all the time when I think they need water. 

Unfortunately, one was killed, and the other two did not grow well at first.

The succulent that I was picked from the roadside, I just let it grow by itself, and watered them when I noticed the leaves became wrinkled. This plant grows better than other plants.

This lesson made me understand that the succulent not need too much of water.

Succulents are unique in that they don’t need as much water as other kinds of plants.

Keep in mind that Pachyveria glauca( little jewel) does not require much watering. They need to be watered, as their leaves will start to shrivel or become wrinkled when the water stored in the leaves cell starts to run out.