Want to start planting succulent? I believe you will read a lot of gardening blogs, go on Facebook, and hang out on Pinterest when you have time.

You see everyone online with their beautiful garden, and as a beginner,you want to know how to plant succulent.

I have been engaged in gardening for nearly three years. Let me tell you that gardening was the best decision I have ever made.

I like gardening very much, which may be why I decided to build a small juicy garden in my new house three years ago. It’s been the best decision I made for my daughter and me.

You know why? My eldest daughter Diana suffered from a rare disease called ITP five years ago. She can’t do any extreme activities, such as cycling, swimming, and even running in the field.

Because I have a small succulent garden, there was able to let her join this outdoor activity with me.

Gardening lets us interact with nature. Nature helps us to reduces our anxiety and made us happier.

You can relax your tension and reduce the stress if you are not sure just look at the study from a classic laboratory experiment by Roger Ulrich of Texas A&M University.

The experiment shows that compared with those who have been exposed to urban environment videos, those who have been exposed to color or audio videos depicting natural scenes can recover from stress more quickly.

Figure out your succulent

When starting your succulent garden, one thing you need to consider is what you want to plant. It’s very simple. Go to the nursery near your home and pick an easy-care succulent.

Maybe you will wonder why to choose those easy-care succulents. They do not attract my eye.

If you don’t like succulents that are easy to create, don’t worry that you can find your lovely succulent, but you only need to ask three questions.

  • What is your living zone?
  • Where do I need to grow them? In the ground or the container?
  • Where do I need to put my container? Indoor or outdoor?

If your living zone is 6b, you can start your outdoor succulent garden with Sedum. These types of succulents can be tolerated in cold temperatures.

Maybe you can add some like Hen and Chicks, Chinese Dunce Cap, and Rosularia Platphylla.

Want to grow indoor succulent plants?

Haworthia, Hoya Obovata, and String of Pearl are great for indoor.

Choose Your Favourite Pot

Most of my time, terra cotta is the best choice for my succulent pot, and while there are other pots to choose from – ceramic pot for example.

I recommend using terra cotta pot for my plant, because

  1. They are porous, allowing air and water to pass through.
  2. They have drain holes.
  3. Super inexpensive
  4. Can be easily painted and personalized.

Choose one larger than the real pot. For example, the old pot is 7 cm, and the 8-9 cm pot is used to plant your succulent plants.

Why do you need to change soil?

This is the reason why you are not the green thumb, mamas?

Most of the shops use traditional potting soil for planting succulents. Traditional potting soils are used to hold water, and succulents grow in a dry and hot climate. Do you think this is a good place for them to live?

That’s why your new succulent will be killed after 1-2 months, and some will even be killed for only one week.

Many common problems of succulent plants come from this primitive soil. One of the problems is that the roots of your succulent plants will slowly rot in wet soil.

Looking for soil

This is a strange moment for you, mama?

You might be wondering what type of soil you should use to plant your succulent.

Do you want to DIY your mix soil or buy ready-mixed soil?

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Ready Mix Soil

However, for your first plant, I suggest you buy a package of ready-made mixed soil from a realistic store.

Then just add some sort of soil conditioner into the mix (such as perlite or pumice) to loosen its density, allowing them to be more porous and have better drainage.

Mix soil by yourself

It is a fun part, mamas? This is a good time for me and my daughter.

We’ll discuss what kind of soil do we need to use? How much more do we need? For my daughter, this is a good time to practice measuring.

For those who want to mix their succulent soil, this is a rule of thumb for you.

Understand your living environment. If your living environment is too moist, add on more perlite or pumice, but you need to cut down them if the environment is too dry.

Outdoor succulent soil is different from indoor succulent soil. The air circulation indoors is worse than outside.

This is the fact that can cause the soil to dry out slowly, and it will not be the best environment for the growth of succulent plants.

Here is the recipe for your reference, you can amend the ratio if your living environment is too dry or moist.

We still need to use soil for our succulent plant but not 100% soil, so we need to add some rock or stone to let the water flow out easily.

What type of soil can your plants use?

You can use:

  1. Potting soil
  2. Coconut coir
  3. Pine bark fine

These soils are the main source of nutrition for our plant, but it absorbs water easily.

Rock for succulent:

  1. Pumice
  2. Turface
  3. Akadama
  4. Perlite

Different rocks have different applications to our plant. But for new succulent parents, what you need to understand is that the stone you put into the pot makes the water flow out easily.

The ratio of growing succulent is 1: 1, and add on 1 part of broken granite.

When I wrote this article, I did some research from the website, and I realized that some succulent parents use sand, and they only used a ratio of 0.5 for stone.

You can use this recipe outdoors succulent soil, but you can’t use it indoors, because the airflow from indoor flowerpots can’t easily dry out the soil.

You can change the ratio of the soil if your feel that your living area is too dry or moist.

How To Plant Succulent : Step By Step

Step 1

Wash your new plants with clear water. Remove all the soil from the root and check the condition of the root at the same time.

Step 2

To promote good absorption and well growth for the root, you can trim off some tinny roots with a sterilized scissor.

Step 3

To avoid roots rot, you can dunk the roots into a diluted anti-fungal preparation. Then let the roots dry for 5-7 days.

Step 4

Put in your soil, and add some water to make it moist, but not too wet.

Step 5

Put the plant into the new pot. You can put it right in the middle, and then cover it with the top layer of soil.

Simply pour enough soil into the pot, so that your succulents plants can sit above the edge of the pot.

If the leaves touch under the edge, add more soil to adjust the height. Your succulent will grow tall if you sit below the rim of the pot to get sunlight.

Step 6

Yeah. This is the final step. Place your succulent in the cool and shade place. During this period, the new plant can’t receive any direct sunlight because we’ll stop watering the plant for 7 days.

What do you need to do after the repotting

Yes! You’ve completely learning how to grow your succulent plants.

Wait, you need to follow some rule of thumb to keep your succulent alive. You might need to monitor your succulent for 1-2 weeks.

During these 7 days, stop watering them. It is time to let their damaged roots heal.

If you water after planting, the damaged roots may eventually rot or get sick during the transplanting process.

Waiting for a few days will give the roots time to heal and recover, and they will start absorbing water.

You might find some dry leaves at the bottom of the plant. The plant looks thirsty and withered.

Look the leaves turn to yellow

Congratulations! Your succulent plants have recovered soon.

Watering A New Repotting Plant Is Different

For new succulent plants, soak and dry methods are not applicable. Do not water for the first week. Then gently add water to the side of the pot.

After a week, slowly increase the value of the water. You can water more frequently (watering after 2-3 days) but with less water.

After 2-3 weeks, you can use the soak and dry method for your succulent. When the soil is completely dry, water your succulent plants until the water comes out from the drain hole.

Where Do You Put The New Pot

After 7 days, you can place your succulent under the morning or late evening sun. Don’t expose them to the sun all day at once. You may start giving them 2 hours of sunlight in the morning and then slowly increase the time.

There you go

Start planting succulents now. This is the simple and easy care plant for you and you’ll enjoy gardening with your kids.

Now give it a try. Tell me your planting practice in the command box.

Remember to pin it.

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