At the end of 2020, I would like to do my first 12 Days series.

I would like to do something different this time. I want to share some Succulent Garden Tips in these 12 days. I’m just starting my blog and I realize I don’t talk about “her’ much on Joysucculent.

So, for the next 12 days, I’m going to be sharing some planting succulent garden tips to help you grow your succulent garden and how can you gain profit from planting, especially for in – house mom.

Day 1: Easy Way to Find Your Lovely Succulent for Succulent Garden

Day 2: What You Need to Know About Soil

Day 3: An Easy Way To Find A Good Location For Your Garden

Day 4: 3 Simple Steps To Creat A Beautiful Succulent Garden

Day 5: 4 Big Mistakes You might Be Doing

Day 6: 5 Ways Any Succulent Parent Can Make Money on Planting Succulent

Day 7: Where Can You Get Ideas For Your Succulent Garden Design

Day 8: 4 Tools To Help You Grow Your Succulent Garden

Day 9: What Is The Best Time For Growing Your Succulent

Day 10: 3 Ways To Make Your Succulent Garden Look Beautiful

Day 11: 5 Top Succulent Myths That Everyone Believes

For our last day of the 12 Days series, I want to talk about how to thrive your succulent garden in 2021.

Today I want to talk about how to make your succulent garden look beautiful.

The beautiful garden needs well care and the right management. With these 3 tips, you can easily manage your garden as you know that succulents do not need to put too much effort into maintaining them.


I trimmed my succulent three weeks ago when I figured out that the new growth can’t grow well. Look, in just three weeks, the parent plant now looks more healthy than before. Yes, now I have more than one pot of such plants. They all look healthier.

When To Trim Succulent

The best time for pruning succulent is late winter and early spring. During this season, most succulent plants are dormant.

There is less infection during low temperature because the bacteria are inactive during this time.One more thing, you need to remember, if you live in a humid area, don’t trim your succulent leaves after rain.

How to Trim Succulent

When I trim plants, I’ll prepare my grey gloves and plums. To prevent infection, I’ll stabilize the tool before using it. I soak the tool in the water with a teaspoon of bleach.

When you cut succulent, make it at a 45-degree angle. By doing so, it’ll let the water flow through without stopping at the top of the cut.

Don’t forget to remove the withered leaves from time to time, to prevent the plant from rotting.


I hope my succulent plants will grow fuller, but I can’t see any result after 3 months. At last, I found that succulents are slow-growing plants. Then my best friend Ann told me that succulents need to be fertilized.

The fertilizer will help them grow healthily, keep their colors and good shapes, and sometimes promote the growth of flowers.

When To fertilize succulent Garden

The best time to fertilize succulent plants in spring, when the temperature is kept above 60 degrees during the day, or autumn.

Outdoor succulents and indoor succulents are different. Outdoor succulent plants can be fertilized once a month because there are more sunlight and sufficient airflow, which can handle extra fertilizer dose.

How to Fertilizer Succulent Garden

You can use any brand of fertilizer, but you need to pay attention to the ingredients of the fertilizer. The ratio of high-quality fertilizer is 1: 1: 1 for nitrogen: phosphorus: potassium. Follow the instructions according to your fertilizer package.

Granular fertilizer is the best fertilizer for the garden. Just spread the fertilizer and water it in but not feed it in the dry soil.

Keep Away From Sunburn

If your succulents are expos to too much sunlight or high temperature in summer, your succulents will look ugly. To avoid sunburn, you can give them 6 hours of morning sunlight and evening sunlight.

From my previous post, I always talk about shade cover. Shade cover can be used in the afternoon or hot summer to avoid sunburn.

If you don’t like the sunburn appearing on your succulent, keep this in mind when watering your plant.

  • Avoid water the plant in the morning.
  • Avoid water the plant from the top of the leaves.

There You Go!

This is day 10 of my 12 Days of Caring Tips to Grow Your Succulent Garden!

I hope you have found the best way to thrive your succulent plants that grow in your garden. Let me know how you’re going to get ready for Succulent Garden 2020.

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