Will you choose succulent plants that attract your attention when you buy them?

According to a study by Antonio Damasio, the world’s top neuroscientist, emotions are very important to choose.Emotions are the main driving force of the whole decision-making process.

Most of the time, we bought succulents in the nursery or any websites.We’ll choose the most beautiful ones or attract our attention and bring a bag of succulents without knowing their ID.

Me too.

Therefore, I always spent a lot of time identifying the succulents.

When I first started this succulent journey, I made huge mistakes when I recognized that I bought it on the Internet.

Miskate#1: Took An Unclear Photo

I still remember that I took an unclear picture and uploaded it in the garden forum. This viewpoint can not show the characteristics of succulent. Other than that, my hand was not stable when I took the photo.

With this unclear photo, sure nobody answered.

I tried several times and finally learned a lesson from my mistake.

I took my succulent picture with a mini tripod. It looks very clear, very beautiful.

I have some suggestions for you when you take fleshy photos with your cell phone.

  • Use natural light, and put your succulent near the window.
  • You can stabilize your mobile phone with your palm.
  • Click the screen to hold the focus will make your photos look clear.

Mistake#2: Join The Non-Professional FB Group

When you fall in love with succulents, you’ll join some FB group.
That is the place for us to learn some basic skills to identify succulents,growing guides and some ideas for arranging our succulents.

I joined some but most are not professional, sometimes they will provide wrong information like wrong ID, wrong caring tips, and maybe can’t get any answer from this FB group.

Some of my succulents were killed due to the wrong information from this unprofessional group.

Try to find some professional FB group. You can ask for help from different groups to confirm your succulent ID.

The following are some FB groups suggested from several succulent websites:

Succulent Fanatics
Succulent infatuation
Succulent and more
All about succulents
World of succulent Group
Succulent, tiny garden and terrariums.
Cacti and succulent identification

Mistake #3: Don’t Use Plant App

I rarely use mobile apps to ask for help.

When I planned to build my mini succulent garden, I bought 20 pots of succulent online. They are all different species. I was lazy to take all the photos and asked from the FB group.

I did a terrible experiment when I identify my succulent from the FB group.
When I was struggling with these 20 succulents, my little daughter suggested that I can use the mobile app. We have installed a plant application on my mobile phone.

In just a few seconds, I got the answer.

However, you still need to install the correct app, and some can’t provide the correct answers. I will share my study case of using a phone app in my next post.

Mistake # 4: Did Not Double-check The Answer

This is the big mistake I made when I was regarded as novices.

When I get the answer from the app or FB group, I followed all the information they give me, instead of checking.

Check the answers you get from mobile apps, FB, or garden forums with Google pictures.

If the image on Google is the same as yours.


You found your lovely succulent ID.

If you fail, don’t give up.

Try again.

Ask for help from others or identify yourself.

Mistake# 5: Forgetfulness

Maybe you and I have the same problem. Always forget the ID of your succulent.

When you have more succulents, you need time to identify their unique and distinguishing characteristics. These are different types of succulents plants. Do you know how to distinguish them?

Can you find out the difference?

I’m marking my lovely succulent plants with plant tags.

When I go to the nursery, I will prepare some plant tags and ask the seller regarding the ID of the succulent I bought.

I will screen the succulents I bought and mark their ID on my mobile phone once I made an order online.

If I can’t, I will identify them with the Plant app.

When I get the answer from the mobile phone application or FB group, I’ll look it up carefully from Google image.

Then write the ID on the plant tag that was prepared before and stick it on the pot.


Looking for a succulent ID is a boring job.

But please remember, this is an important step for your succulent plants to grow vigorously.

After finding the ID card, Google searched the nursing advice of succulent plants.

If their needs are different from your living environment, you need to pay more attention to them and create or find a suitable place.

Once you find a suitable place for them, they will grow well and easier for you to take care of.

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