At the end of 2020, I would like to do my first 12 Days series.

I would like to do something different this time. I want to share some Succulent Garden Tips in these 12 days. I’m just starting my blog and I realize I don’t talk about “her’ much on Joysucculent.

So, for the next 12 days, I’m going to be sharing some planting succulent garden tips to help you grow your succulent garden and how can you gain profit from planting, especially for in – house mom.

Day 1: Easy Way to Find Your Lovely Succulent for Succulent Garden

Day 2: What You Need to Know About Soil

Day 3: An Easy Way To Find A Good Location For Your Garden

Day 4: 3 Simple Steps To Creat A Beautiful Succulent Garden

Day 5: 4 Big Mistakes You might Be Doing

Day 6: 5 Ways Any Succulent Parent Can Make Money on Planting Succulent

Day 7: Where Can You Get Ideas For Your Succulent Garden Design

Day 8: 4 Tools To Help You Grow Your Succulent Garden

Day 9: What Is The Best Time For Growing Your Succulent

Day 10: 3 Ways to Make Your Succulent Garden Easier to Manage

Day 11: 5 Top Succulent Myths That Everyone Believes

For our last day of the 12 Days series, I want to talk about how to thrive your succulent garden in 2021.

Can planting succulents make money? This is the question that popped up in my mind this year.

Yes, it’s a real thing.

I was working as a tutor for my neighborhood children. But after my daughter suffered from a rare disease called ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura), I stopped teaching.

During that time, I became anxious, which is why I started to grow succulent plants. This year I read an article about how to make money from talent and skills. That’s why I started my Joysucculent this year.

5 Ways Can Make Money From Succulents

Provide services

As more and more people like gardening, the number of succulent plants is increasing.

In the past five years, Google Trends (2014-2020) showed that the number of succulent gardens has increased.

When you are good at managing your succulent garden, you can provide a maintenance service for the succulent garden. This kind of service is different from mowing and blowing fields.

Succulent gardens need only three or four times a year to maintain. But it’s an infrequent service, so the charge at least 2x the hourly rate of lawn-mowing.


Make money from selling Terrarium

Terrariums are an indoor small gardens. You can use succulents to create the terrarium because this kind of plant is easy to care for.

What you need are plants, glass containers, Stone, activated carbon, potting soil, pebbles, and gardening tools.

With these simple materials, you can create small green areas and post them on your Facebook for sale or sell online.


Coach is a good way for mothers to start a home base business.

One-on-one or guiding people to achieve their goals in a small group is a passion for many people.

Whether you can coach people how to care for their succulent or help them how to design and create a terrarium.

This is what you’re going to come in. If you understand the need for succulent plants, you can help others.

Selling Succulent As A Gift

People are always looking for gifts for their loved ones. Being succulent as a gift is a good idea on many occasions.

You can focus your succulent gift box on festivals and special days, such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. You can go with a theme like a basket for gardener lovers.

Here are succulent gift basket ideas.
Cactus gift idea
Succulent DIY gift idea

Hire out your garden

You can hire out your garden for party, yago class and Zumba class

If you like meeting friends, you can try to rent the garden for your friends to attend a children’s party, camping or weddings.

When you rent your garden, you need to consider some rules. Be sure not to disturb your neighbors at the party and make sure it is safe for the kid.

A garden is a perfect place to have a yoga class and a Zumba class. You can hire out your garden in the morning, where there is sunshine.

There ya go!

Day 6 of 12 Days of caring tips to grow your succulent garden! Be on the lookout tomorrow for day 7!

Making money from planting succulent doesn’t have to be hard. With these tips you can get to started right now.

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