At the end of 2020, I would like to do my first 12 Days series.

I would like to do something different this time. I want to share some Succulent Garden Tips in these 12 days. I’m just starting my blog and I realize I don’t talk about “her’ much on Joysucculent.

So, for the next 12 days, I’m going to be sharing some planting succulent garden tips to help you grow your succulent garden and how can you gain profit from planting, especially for in – house mom.

Day 1: Easy Way to Find Your Lovely Succulent for Succulent Garden

Day 2: What You Need to Know About Soil

Day 3: An Easy Way To Find A Good Location For Your Garden

Day 4: 3 Simple Steps To Creat A Beautiful Succulent Garden

Day 5: 4 Big Mistakes You might Be Doing

Day 6: 5 Ways Any Succulent Parent Can Make Money on Planting Succulent

Day 7: Where Can You Get Ideas For Your Succulent Garden Design

Day 8: 4 Tools To Help You Grow Your Succulent Garden

Day 9: What Is The Best Time For Growing Your Succulent

Day 10: 3 Ways To Make Your Succulent Garden Look Beautiful

Day 11: 5 Top Succulent Myths That Everyone Believes

For our last day of the 12 Days series, I want to talk about how to thrive your succulent garden in 2021.

For out last day of the 12 Days series, I would like to talk about how to set up your succulent garden in 2021.

Step 1:Choose Your Succulent

It’s a good idea to find your living zone with Google. For example, if you recently bought your first succulent plant on the Internet but don’t know its name, then you may have a plant that can’t live in your living zone.

Don’t throw away your succulent, they still can live but may need special care from you.

In order to ensure that you have chosen the right succulent plants for your garden, go into Google to search your living zone code.

Then, go to the Pinterest to search for succulent in your zone.

Another way you can do with choosing your succulent is to find out from your nearest farmer’s market or nursery shop. Most of the shops allow you to find the succulents that suit your living zone

Step 2:Choose The Best Place Of The Garden

The garden location is the main keypoint to success your gardening journey.

There are two main factors that you should consider when choosing the location for your juicy garden:

  1. Convenience for you to visit and have water source
  2. The position can provide sunshine in the morning or evening.

You can make a chart to record how many hours of sunlight shines on your potential area for a few days.

Step 3:Clear Up The Garden

Now it’s time for you to put on gloves and hat to clean the garden. Use organic methods to remove grass and the roots from the ground.

Step 4:Test The Soil

Don’t forget to test the soil before planting any plants in your garden.

Healthy soil is key to plants health. What kind of soil do succulents need? They just need fast-draining soil.

Therefore, you only need to test the drainage of soil in your garden. You can refer to Day 2 What you need to know about your soil.

If the soil is drained for more than 1 hour, I don’t think the succulent will grow well in this kind of soil. But you can amend it with sand, gravel or pumice. Pour the materials into your garden and mix with the shovel.

Most of the experts will advise you to sterilize the soil before planting. So, you can use solarization to sterilize the large amount of the garden soil.

Step 5:Design The Garden

When it comes to design, I’m struggling. I have many ideas, but I don’t know how to begin. And you?

Now, you can use completely free software programming equipment to design, or use only simple equipment, such as paper and pencil. Both types of equipment are outstanding, so as to bring an attractive and productive garden.

Then draw the yard you want to design. These measures must be scaled to the paper or computer system programme so that you have an idea of which point will go.

Then, consider the theme when developing your own garden. You can find out some ideas from Pinterest.

When you have decided on your garden theme, you can think of what you want to add-in to your garden, might be playing area or walk way.

Step 6: Buy Succulents

Yeah! I love shopping.

Find a good day and go shopping with your family at the nearest farmer’s market or nursery. From here, you can find succulent plants that grow well in your living zone, but compared with online shops, they may look normal.

Before bringing back the succulents, find out the identity of succulent, so that you can use Google to study them at home.

Here are some shopping advice.

  • Examine the leaves.
  • Slightly bump the leaves but do this very gently.
  • Check the stem
  • Check out any spot on the leaves and stem.

I suggest buy bigger plants, because they are easier to manage, and you might plant more than one in your garden.

Step 7:Transplant Your Succulent

When you bring your succulent plants back, you need to transplant them immediately. You can check the condition of the root when transplanting them.

To transplant, just follow the following step.

Step 1: take off all the old soil.
Step 2: clean the root with water.
Step 3: cut the root short with scissors that sterilized.
Step 4: mix a bowl of water with a drop of anti–bacterial dish soap, and wipe the root carefully.
Step 5: let the root dry out.
Step 6: transplant in the garden

There you go

This is day 12 of my 12 days of I hope you found some great tips to help you set up your succulent garden.

Let me know how you’re going to get ready for your succulent garden in 2021.

And remember, to pin me!

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