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At the end of 2020, I would like to do my first 12 Days series.

I would like to do something different this time. I want to share some Succulent Garden Tips in these 12 days.

I’m just starting my blog and I realize I don’t talk about “her’ much on Joysucculent.

So, for the next 12 days, I’m going to be sharing some planting succulent garden tips to help you grow your succulent garden and how can you gain profit from planting, especially for in-house mom.

Day 1: Easy Way to Find Your Lovely Succulent for Succulent Garden

Day 2: What You Need to Know About Soil

Day 3: An Easy Way To Find A Good Location For Your Garden

Day 4: 3 Simple Steps To Creat A Beautiful Succulent Garden

Day 5: 4 Big Mistakes You might Be Doing

Day 6: 5 Ways Any Succulent Parent Can Make Money on Planting Succulent

Day 7: Where Can You Get Ideas For Your Succulent Garden Design

Day 8: 4 Tools To Help You Grow Your Succulent Garden

Day 9: What Is The Best Time For Growing Your Succulent

Day 10: 3 Ways to Make Your Succulent Garden Easier to Manage

Day 11: 5 Top Succulent Myths That Everyone Believes

For our last day of the 12 Days series, I want to talk about how to thrive your succulent garden in 2021.

Life is changing in this year 2020.

Before that, you might have been an in – house mom who spent time with your little one without any financial issues, but now the virus not only affects our health but affects our family finances.

Planting succulent should be your #1 choice that can help you find your income.

I’m sure you’ve heard of succulent gardens? Succulents are easy-care plants. They are different from the herb garden, flower garden, and vegetable garden.

The principle of caring for the succulent garden is that you need to have a good understanding of their needs. When you satisfy the needs of the succulent, your garden can thrive well.

How to Find Your Succulent

As a new succulent parent, we must know our USDA Hardiness Zone. First of all, you need to know your living area and estimate the dates of the first and last frost.

You can find your USDA Hardiness Zone Map . Just enter your zip code, and the website will show you as below:

Figure out your zone, now is time to use Pinterest to find your succulent.

Pinterest is a search engine, you can use this to find succulent for your garden.

Let’s pretend you live in San Diego and the living zone is Zone 8. You want to plant easy-care succulent that in your living zone.

To find succulent in your garden, search for “succulent zone 8” on Pinterest.

Pinterest gives you the suggested plant.

How easy is that?

But, wait. Pinterest will show you a ton of information. To start growing your garden, you want to dive deeper into the research.

We need to find 4-5 types of succulents from the chart.

But before you choose which succulent is great for your garden, you need to dive deeper into the caring guide for each succulent.

Choose the succulent that is easy to grow in any condition.

But before you choose which succulent plants are suitable for your garden, you need to know more about the nursing guidelines of each succulent plant.

Choose the succulent plants that can grow easily under any condition.

Where can you buy Succulents?

After picking out succulent plants, you need to find out where you can buy them.

Nowadays, you can get succulent anywhere.

But are they the succulent you need for your garden? Don’t grab the succulent that is attracting your eye.

Find out the succulent that can survive in your living zone from Pinterest. Next, start looking for succulent plants in the chart, and find them from the nursery or online stores. What to look for when buying succulent

Buy From Local Shop

You can buy it at local nurseries or even farmer’s markets near your home.
There are several places where succulents can be found locally:

1. Home Depot
4.Local nurseries
5.Farmer’s Markets

First, when buying succulent from shop, you need to avoid choosing the following conditions plant:

A) Leaves that easy to fall off.
B) yellow leaves
C) black stem
D) tranparen stem

You can slightly bump the leaves but do this very gently.

From this, you can find out the early signs of the damaged plant if the succulent has been overwatered. Choose the succulent that is more than one plant and big size.

Large-sized succulents are easier to take care of and are good for beginners. I would choose the succulent that comes with more than one plant.

I would cut off the stem, plant it in another container, and have another one. In this case, it’s not easy to kill all of the succulents. Buy Online

Online shopping is very beneficial for you to contact with more kinds of succulents.

If it’s the first time online shopping, look for high-quality comments. From the comments, you can get the best succulents plants from a reputable seller. Here are 5 Best Place to Buy Succulent Online.

  • Succulent Market
  • Succulents Box
  • Amanzon
  • Etsy
  • The Succulent Source

Once you receive your succulents plants, it’s a good idea to transplant them as soon as possible.

Most of the time, succulents are not suitable for long-term growing soil. Replant the succulent, can let us know the condition of the root.

There You Go!

This is day 1 of my 12 Days of Caring Tips to Grow Your Succulent Garden!
I hope you have found some good ways to help your succulent plants grow in your garden. Let me know how you’re going to get ready for Succulent Garden 2020.

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